Favorite Young Adult Novels

  • November Blues
  • Beast
  • My Life As a Rhombus
  • Slam
  • Mother Love
  • Night Watch
  • The Way a Door Closes
  • Last Part First
  • PUSH
  • Watson's Go to Birmingham-1963
  • The Skin I'm In
  • Dope Sick
  • Who Am I Without Him
  • Harlem Hustle
  • Tyrell
  • Bang
  • Tears of a Tiger
  • Forged by Fire

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tomorrow (later today) brings a new day to be me, and choose to be happy or sad. I chose happiness. If that the spiritual being that is me talking or am I just sleep deprived.

Nighttime is the right time for ... sleep.

Nighty night.


You Don't Even Know Me: Novel by Sharon G. Flake.mov