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  • November Blues
  • Beast
  • My Life As a Rhombus
  • Slam
  • Mother Love
  • Night Watch
  • The Way a Door Closes
  • Last Part First
  • PUSH
  • Watson's Go to Birmingham-1963
  • The Skin I'm In
  • Dope Sick
  • Who Am I Without Him
  • Harlem Hustle
  • Tyrell
  • Bang
  • Tears of a Tiger
  • Forged by Fire

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Henna Hair, Gray Hair and things the old folks would say...

It has been so hot these last few days, my locs are dry a "whit leather" ( a term of my youth). What is that anyway? The point is, I need to do something different with my hair and I've decide to use Henna to color it. I'm a researcher and I have googled the goog out of googled trying to find information about using henna. Wow! As soon as I started writing all this information popped up in content recommendations about henna-mostly tattoos though. (it just occurred to me that the word is "whet" leather! I'm not sure how that works, but I remember a whetstone which Uncle Frank used to sharpen his razor. Memories do come following sometimes making me seem scattered, but I do know where I'm going).

Ah! an article popped up "Can Henna Cover Grey Hairs?" That's my goal! Since I decided to stop these grays just embarked on their own journey. It is like the hair color was the parent and as soon as it "darken the door" gray became a misbehaving child; just all over the place, perhaps a mind of its own. If you used context clues you could surmise that "darken the door" means leave. I am starting this quest to color my hair with Henna! Follow along with me.


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