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  • November Blues
  • Beast
  • My Life As a Rhombus
  • Slam
  • Mother Love
  • Night Watch
  • The Way a Door Closes
  • Last Part First
  • PUSH
  • Watson's Go to Birmingham-1963
  • The Skin I'm In
  • Dope Sick
  • Who Am I Without Him
  • Harlem Hustle
  • Tyrell
  • Bang
  • Tears of a Tiger
  • Forged by Fire

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Knowledge

This has been a knowledge filled evening! My content reading class was working on creating a webquest. We decided to view some samples and found the Lattice Math Webquest. Click! I had to search my mental filing cabinet, thanks Piaget, Mr. Schema theory himself, to conceptualize this term in this context. The coolest thing was to see the math major work this strategy, and to witness him make the textual connection. When he said, "Imagine what this will do for those students who just can't get it. I was one of those... math is my kryptonite. Before the end of class I was cooking with grease! I am sure there are some students who have been using this model since entering school, but I'm Leona the Late Math Bloomer.

It is a great tool!

Well, sleeping now. Basking in the conviviality experienced with some Korean parents. Next time.

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